How To Install Node.js with Apt Using a NodeSource PPA on Ubuntu 20.04 1

Installing Node.js with Apt Using a NodeSource PPA


First, we will install the PPA in order to get access to its packages. From your home directory, use curl to retrieve the installation script for your preferred version, making sure to replace 16.x with your preferred version string (if different).

$ cd ~
$ curl -sL -o

Inspect the contents of the downloaded script with nano (or your preferred text editor):

$ nano

When you are satisfied that the script is safe to run, exit your editor, then run the script with sudo:

$ sudo bash

The PPA will be added to your configuration and your local package cache will be updated automatically. You can now install the Node.js package in the same way you did in the previous section:

$ sudo apt install nodejs

Verify that you’ve installed the new version by running node with the -v version flag:

$ node -v