How To Host a Laravel Project on the Window Server or Run on the Localhost? 1

Steps To Host Project OnThe Window Server or run on Localhost:


Step 1:

Place your project inside the htdocs folder of XAMPP. Following is the path:




Step 2:

Open phpMyAdmin in the browser to create a database for the project.

Step 3:

Create a new database with any name, for example demo_db (name of the database).


Step 4:

Export project database into the newly created database of phpMyAdmin

Step 5: 

Now  open the .env file & set database username, password & production configuration. Path of .env file is as following






Step 6:

Update the following of .env file, example





Update the name of the database, username & password in the above respective fields.


Step 7:

Now run the project in the browser, for example:


Note :

1. 80 in URL is the port number. It can vary from system to system. Kindly use the port that’s displaying in the URL of PHPMyAdmin


2. If you get the following error while running the project :

          ‘Access is denied for the username & password’ more>>


Then check the database username & password of .env file if its updated correctly or not.

   If you don't know the username & password of your PhpMyAdmin then visit the link to know it:

Where do I find my localhost username and password of phpMyAdmin? more>>


3.Composer is pre-installed in the server if not then it needs to be downloaded & installed in the server to run the project.

        4. Download URL of composer file: