How to Update the Latest Composer Version in Laravel? 1

In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to update the composer in Laravel.


Step 1

Open the composer folder where it is located in your system.

It is usually located in:

C:/Users/YOUR_SYSTEM_NAME /AppData/Roaming/Composer

Your System name can be Admin or the name that appears while starting your window or when you log out your window.

Step 2

Open the command prompt by any 2 methods:

  1. By typing cmd in the search box of Window OR

  2. Click Window + R to open Run, then type cmd

Step 3

In cmd enter the path of your composer folder in the cmd. It should look like this:



cd AppData/Roaming/Composer

Press Enter.

Now cmd has the path of composer and it will show path like:


C:\Users\YOUR SYSTEM NAME\AppData\Roaming\Composer

Step 4

Update the composer version

To update the composer version to the latest stable version type following in cmd


Composer self-update

Step 5

Check the updated version of the Composer

Now the latest stable version of the composer has installed in your system.

To check the updated version of the composer type the following command in cmd




or you can try


composer -v